Our copper kitchen sinks, are completed with a patina finish that is ‘fired’ into the material, giving them a weathered or 'aged' appearance.  If you scrub, or polish... or use anything abrasive or acid-based on your copper sink or bathtub, you will damage the patina finish.

     So, the key to maintaining copper sinks in perfect condition is all about what you don't do. 
Here's what you do...
Rinse your copper kitchen sink or bathroom sink, with water after each use and pat it dry.  Give it a thorough cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth from time to time... and, always avoid using anything abrasive on it.  With nothing more than this simple routine of 'rinse and wash', your copper sink or bath tub will give you lifetimes of enjoyment!

Cleaning Your Copper Sink
      Copper is naturally antibacterial and more sanitary than all other materials currently used to make kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and bath tubs.  Recent studies have shown that bacteria can only live for hours on copper, as compared to living for days on stainless steel and, longer still on all other types of kitchen and bath surfaces!  For this reason alone, many hospitals have now begun the process of replacing stainless steel counters and fixtures with those made of copper! Copper sinks are naturally antibacterial, your copper kitchen sink or bathroom sink will do most of the work in keeping itself clean. 


Copper Sinks Care

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